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Point Load Tester Specifications

LOAD CELL: Range: 2 to 50kN
Accuracy: Better than 0.5%
Temperature Range: 0 to 50C
PLATENS: Material: Stainless steel with hardened stainless steel ball points
Separation: 76mm maximum
FRONT PANEL: Display: Intelligent alpha-numeric LCD
Peak Mode: Retains maximum sample load reached during testing
Track Mode Follows sample load for very low strength testing
Recall Mode: Operator can view last 5 peak test values
Configure Mode: Operator can set instrument functions as required
HYDRAULIC JACK: Capacity: 67 kN
Stroke: 76mm
POWER: Battery: 8 x 1.25V NiMH re-chargeable cells
Life: 15 hours of continuous operation
Charge Period: 24 hours
DIMENSIONS: Instrument: 180mm wide x 205mm deep x 475mm high
Carry Case: 250mm wide x 300mm deep x 525mm high
WEIGHT: Instrument: 14.0kg
Carry Case: 6.5kg

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